Vista invisible files?

Yes, it is a Vista security ‘enhancement’. The Rail Simulator export now gives information on how to resolve this issue via a ‘Did you know..’ box.

I am using latest Vista Home. I make a loco chassis using the plugin locowerks. Everything AOK
I insert into MSTS using the trainwizard. Says it has loaded into TRAINS. Everything AOK. Try in Sviewer. Everything AOK with Train Folder and subs cabview, sounds and .s file.

However Explorer and the AE cannot find the train folder. I cannot copy from Sviewer. Says no such path on the paste operation. Not hidden or invisible files. The operation is repeatable with different models.

Anyone can help it would be much appreciated.
Perhaps I am having a senior moment.

I’ve had this problem, myself. The only thing that worked for me was to follow the instructions on how ‘To install 3DC for all users of a Windows XP computer:’ that are in the included readme file with the 3DC download. This seemed to work ok on my Vista Home premium setup.


I’m investigating this. It’s pretty strange. It’s one of those ‘Vista’ security issues I’m sure. But I have no idea how to resolve it. Maybe if you change 3DC to always run in Administrator mode? This can be done by right-clicking on the 3DC7.exe file and changing some settings (I forget which ones). I’ll try this myself.

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