Upgrade to + ?

You shouldn’t have any problems. is not much different from

you may find 6.6 runs a little slower than 6.5


I looked from time to time at 3DC upgrades announcements and there was the recommendation :
‘In general I recommend that all users continue to use version for the time being unless you really feel you need one of the new features or version does not work properly on your computer.’

… so as I sticked to Pro

I currently use 3DC to create objects and models for MSTS.

1) As all plugins are available, I can install both and (I read that can be installed alongside And if I have problems in, I can use
2) In annoucement there is a warning that ‘Bumpmapping does not work properly on first generation Radeon based video cards’. I have a AIW 9000 Pro; I think its second generation Radeon. So the warning doesn’t apply ? May be the warning doesn’t apply to 6.x.1.0.
3) Would the new versions be faster / slower than ?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

I suggest you try – it will run alongside the older version so you can always use that instead if needed. I don’t ‘do trains’ so I have no idea if you will run into any MSTS problems.

I use 6610 for all my (3dc) modeling and am not aware of any problems with it.

I think I am going to install and this week-end.

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