Unrecoverable error 3078


There are several posts here regarding issues with installing 8 – then going back to 7… I had a problem too – when I tried the very same thing… See the ‘lag’ post below… I think I may have fixed it when I went through and deleted all the 3DC registry keys and then re-installed… I spent 3 days trying to get it working again…

Also – in your ‘Documents’ folder – I believe there should be a log file created every time you start 3DC… Again – as mentioned before – I’m no expert… If you post the log someone sharper than me might able to figure it out…


I had v 7.1 installed and working great. Purchased v8 and that worked fine (within limits).

Went back to v7 (for Train works). Now I keep getting ‘Unrecoverable error 3078’. Uninstalled and reinstalled v7. Still same result.
Appreciate some advice

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