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Hi. I’m trying to create a sign with attachment points a.name0 and a.name1. I used the 3DC Trainz Attachment Point plug-in to create a front and back attachment points on a simple shape. As you can see from my example sign link below, the text “name” for a.name0 on the front appears correctly. The text “Side2” for a.name1 on the back appears backward! I’ve tried rotating the a.name1 point several ways, but cannot seem to get the text to appear correctly. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong (or not doing correctly) to fix this? Thanks!


Example Sign

Well, I think I answered my own question. 🙂 Instead of using the specific attachment point plug-in for the rear of my sign, I copied the front pointer (a.name0), rotated it 180 degrees (y-axis), moved and placed it on the rear of the sign myself and renamed it a.name1. It may not be the correct way to use the attachment point, but it did the trick. The wording is right side up and facing the right way on both sides of the sign now.

In messing with the other directional attachment points, I noticed similar behavior with the other ones (see example below). I can only assume that copying the pointer that faces and reads the way I want and rotating it appropriately for the other positions will give me similar success. The word “clone” in my example below is the copied and rotated first pointer.

Sign – Take Two


Nice to see someone using this for Trainz so many years after I wrote the plugin.

I just wish I have more time to make models myself these days.


Using 3DC and your plugins are working out fine, Paul. I’m having a blast! 😀 I haven’t had any show-stoppers working with 3DC for Trainz content. The Auran forums are abuzz with people using those “other” 3D modeling programs, but I’ll bet none are as easy to pick-up using than 3DCrafter. I’ve put a plug for 3DC in each of my Trainz assets: “Created with Amabilis 3DCrafter 9.2”. Here’s a shot of my first static asset reworked to a re-namable sign using 6 attachment points – 3 on each side:

Sign with Attachment Points

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