TrainSimulator Wizard with Windows 7 64 bit

I searched through the forums and did not see an answer to my problem, so if there is one and I missed it, I apologize for asking the question again.

I just got a new computer running Windows 7 64 bit. I installed 3dC 7.1.2 and it opens and runs with no problem.

My question relates to the Trainworks Trainsimulator Wizard.

When I select the main object in my model and select the Trainsimulator Wizard plugin, it opens OK.

I select RailSimulator (I don’t have RailSimulator installed, so I pointed the plugin towards my RailWorks install)

I go through the rest of the steps and when I select finish to export my model, the program locks up and I eventually have to shut it down with the Task Manager.

I have UAC turned off.

When I use the regular igs exporter, it exports the igs with no problem.

How do I get the Trainworks TrainSimulator Wizard to work in a Windows 7 64 bit environment with only RailWorks installed (not RailSimulator)?

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