Tool tips for Component panel (VB6 Issue)

Not the first time a control of some sort has issues with a dual screen system.
Some developer made sure the tooltip would stay on screen but only checks against the main screen and not the whole desktop.
Not a big one and nothing to waste energy on.
Good idea with forum ‘Outstanding issues’.

The tool tips for component panel does not recognize that the panel is located on my secondary screen.
They appear at the edge of the primary screen, but only for the component panel, other panels work fine.
And the component library part works fine also, only Primitives/Shapes/Bones/Lights are wrong.
3DC 8.1.1


Unfortunately, there isn’t anything I can realistically do about this. The tooltips are handled by the development environment for almost everything in 3DC. Only certain custom buttons are handled by me.

There must be a bug in the ‘image control’ which is what all of these have in common.

So, it’s an annoyance we’ll have to live with. Unless someone out there knows a solution.

Maybe I should have a new forum for ‘unresolvable’ issues.

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