To Ace.exe(why can’t this be made available)

HI All

Maybe Paul Gausden can answer this one…

Why Does Trainworks still point to the old Toace.exe to do textures,can this be made readily available to the community,i do have the original RS DVD which i purchased when RS was released…installed it again…and no toace.exe in the system whatsoever…would really like this plug-in to be a part of Trainworks if that would be possible…

Also Checked the forums, if you are updating Trainworks to work with RWacetool that would be beneficial too…

Sorry to Rant on but it is a pain when you have to convert everything twice….


I’ll see what I can do – I have all the source code for it still…


If the point is using rwacetool, it should be available… some time (from topic 3DCrafter 9.1 Build 1095 Available[/url:2vyi7y8s]):

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With RW3 (TS 2012) coming in september, could it be the occasion to be able to export directly into RW directories (instead / or in addition (anyone still using RS?) to RS directory) and to have textures converted by RWAceTool instead of ToAce?[/quote:2vyi7y8s]

Can anyone give me the specifics on RWAceTool? Does it change with the version of Rail Works?

Is ther anything else that needs to be done for Rail Works?[/quote:2vyi7y8s]

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I found it on, so I should be able to figure it out myself now[/quote:2vyi7y8s]

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