Tilted texture

specular, ambient, transluscent… I’ll check all this.


( [img:jq7s9f4y]http://www.3DC.info/3DCDocumentation/tutorialmstsmaterials.htm[/img:jq7s9f4y]
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will also be a useful reading)

I tried several options, I cannot find out what is wrong with my texture application : it is always tilted.

Thanks for your help.

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… OK.

Hope you have figured out your tilting problem. You could also try pressing each of the Coordinate option buttons along the top in turn and adding your texture, and see what effect each has. Also, try each of the cube, cylinder and sphere buttons below the two flip arrow buttons on your screenshot above. reapply the texture after selecting each button. Lots of combinations.

Also, before you go much further, you should note that you have a Specular value set to 0. This will produce a ‘glow in the dark’ train. This is what you want for the interior, but not for the exterior. Any non-zero value will do.

You will also want to play with the Translucent value when you want to see through your windows.

Note that it is useful to keep all objects with a given combination of Ambient, Specular, Translucent and texture file in one group together, and different groups for other combinations, especially when you come to making LODs later on. MSTS can only handle one combination in a group, and if you give it a mixture, it will choose one combination and apply it to everything in that group. If you have mixtures in groups and 3 or more LODs, MSTS will just crash.

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