Throw us a bone Ricchard !

Hi Richard,

How about a quick post to let us all know you are alive and well ???


Does anyone know if this guy is still alive?

All I hear are the crickets chirping…


He has ( or perhaps had….) entries in Facebook and LinkdIn. I don’t subscribe to either, so can’t persue that line of enquiry.

I expect he’ll return suddenly with version 12…….. 😉



I’ve not heard anything from Richard since 9.2.2 came out.

Scott – got your e-mail and read the post here. I’ll have to think about that one. It’s difficult to describe so it’s going to be difficult to program too.

Aligning a point to the x/y/z of first point selected however may be a possibility – I’ve needed that for ages so I’ll have a go at making an operation for that.

I’m still busy with making solid models with 3DC
I have a couple of useful new scripts and operations so I’ll publish those shortly.

Just have to get through easter first 🙂 🙂

Happy Easter all.

Hi Paul,

I came up with a work around… While the coordinate reference change doesn’t seem to work on points – it does on edges… I created another point on the opposite side – same X and Y – different Z… Linked the two points with an edge – then switched to Face Coordinates mode – I locked the Z axis – and the edge would slide up and down the roof face without deforming it… While a kludge – it works for this particular instance… I would never say no to one of your tools that make it easier though… If it wasn’t for all your fantastic tools – I would have lost interest In 3DC a long time ago… Richard really should have compensated you for your efforts – as you have certainly made his product a much more valuable one…

And a Happy Easter to you as well – sir !


Paul, not to steer this thread astray, but your link to shapeway does not work.

I get “Oops! We can’t find the page you’re looking for.”


Hi Dan – sorry missed the s off the end of shops:

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