Surface Modeling – Can’t get image to appear

I thought I would try my hand at surface modeling using the tutorial provided, and I can not get the side view image to appear. Is there some special format or attributes that the image must have inorder to appear in the surface modeling window?

I am using 3DC 7.1.2

Well, there’s not magic as far as I can recall. I just tried it in 9.1 and it is simply a matter of choosing a texture. Maybe it needs to be square in 7.1, or in a particular format? I don’t recall. Maybe you could try a simple 256×256 BMP texture to see if it works, and we can try to narrow down what is wrong from there.

Well, I am not sure what I did, but the tutorial dinosaur picture is now showing in the surface editor. I think that opened it in PSP8, and then resaved as a jpg image – but I am not sure.

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