Stretch a Texture ???

Hi Folks,

I’ve been spending my time working on the MS Flight Simulator side of the house lately – where I am probably the only one modeling with 3DC… Since the audience is probably considerably larger that the train sim side of the house – this would seem to be a market that Amabilis would want to tap…

Question: Since I am now working on runways and such – is there a way to emulate a function in GMax where you can have a seamless texture repeat a given number of times down the length of a long narrow face – without cutting the face into separate polys ?


Hi Richard,

I was recently chatting with Sketch Up user and they have this ability as well… If/When you look at 3DC again – would it be possible to do this ???


I’ve used this feature a lot… since the early days of canvas. It’s how I do the walkway grills on my tank cars with just a 32×32 image. Texture Wrap options (Size to Fit, Tile to Fit or Tile By Unit)

Hi Pete !!!

Man – finally a name I recognize… I hope all is well for you… Seems as if the old guard is gone… Really – great news – let me see if I can find it… It’s a function of one of the three mapping options on the left ? I don’t have 3DC in front of me but I’m anxious to try…


Hi Pete,

I fired up my laptop to take a look – other than the paint brush I know of three choices on the Construction Panel to map a face… UNWRAP, UV MAP, and UV REMAP… I don’t see any of the “Texture Wrap” options you mentioned… I’m sure it’s me – but – where do I find these options ? “Texture Wrap options (Size to Fit, Tile to Fit or Tile By Unit)” ???


In the Material Palette, right click on the ‘flat wrap’ button (above the crop texture button) and you will have the three options. Tile to fit is normally the option to use for a seamless texture.

There is a blue flag above that button that gives you the option to remember your new setting if you need that.

The third option is useful if you are unwrapping and wish to maintain the correct width to height ratios of the face(s) you are unwrapping by scaling them to something between .1 and .25.



Thanks so much… Hah – learn something new every day… I\’ll give it a shot…


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