Small problem with texture cropping window

It sounds like the position is not always being stored. It could be that it is only stored when you click cancel, or the close box. Clicking OK might not do it. It might be worth a try to click cancel and then try re-opening, or click the close box and then try re-opening.


For some time now, the window which opens when selecting a texture is offset down the screen so that I have to drag it back up in order to select the OK/continue. I’ve tried ‘moving’ the window by right-clicking the header bar but it reverts to the same position next time I use it. I expect I’ve inadvertantly made a subtle adjustment, but can’t figure out what <!– s:? –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_confused.gif" alt=":?" title="Confused" /><!– s:? –>

It’s not a big deal – just that for the latest project I’m messing around with the texturing quite a bit………



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