Should I switch from 7.1 to 8.1

I have also taken the step to 8.1, it’s not bug free but bugs are taken care of swiftly.
7.1 is still installed but I’m not going back, 8.1 is better and soon as stable as 7.1.

I have become somewhat adept at modeling in 7.1 and have downloaded and installed some of the versions of 8.1. The biggest difference I have noted is that the user interface commands have changed somewhat and the appearance on my computer is different.

I have stopped installing 8.1 updates, because I am waiting for someone to say that the latest update is the last update and that it is stable.

But the real question I have: is 8.1 better than 7.1; or just different?

I feel 8.1 has become reliable with few bugs left.

When dealing with a custom texture library, each time you click on the material tab in 7.1, it’s always tooo looong before the computer gives you access again to the application. With 8.1 it’s long the first time, then a new access is quick. Definitely a big improvement.

Another big improvement is the ability to have operations / scripts / plugins dealing with several objects.

Undo / redo works with plugins and scripts.

It’s a lot easier to select points, edges, faces.

The rectangle selection tool is very responsive.

You get a new handy deform tool.

Texturing is easier since you can move a group of points in the UV map / remap window.

Object deletion is much faster.

You can choose the way objects are rendered individually.

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I don’t use 7.x anymore.

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