For plug-ins/scripts that need to have multiple objects selected, can’t we just create a hierachy, and select the top object of the heirachy that we want to pass to the plug-in, and have the plug-in be written to operate on the child objects of the selected object instead of or along with the selected object? andnbsp;This might be a way around the limitation…

just curious, but does anyone know about this method, it’s not in the scripting Help and a search on the threads didn’t turn up anything.

Does it accept the Object.GetID value as the argument?

Woops. That’s supposed to be hidden. andnbsp;:-[


I see. This is your solution for the andquot;object is objectandquot; problem?

I think multiple object selection is likely to happen.


In that case – can I have a function that opens the object based on it’s table row id ?

(or multiple object selection for plugins) andnbsp;;D

for now I’m just looping through all objects checking to see if the ID’s are the same.



I too would definitely be interested in multiple object selection — especially for scripting.


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