RS/RW numbering textures problem (Resolved)

Richard, it looks like it does not need to be fixed!
With the above settings it does work and number textures work as they should without any by hand alterations of the finished file.
I think you can close this one down without doing anything about it.

The automatic numbering system replaces place-holder textures to allow dynamic numbers on rolling stock and signs.
Place-holder texture has name primarynumber_1, primarynumber_2 … which are replaced by named texture sets.
Material should use shader TrainBasicObjectDiffuse (TexDiff also works) and textures use 1-bit alpha for transparency.
This shader and alpha transparency is a bit of a contradiction but the way it works.

Now the problem, with 3DC v7.1 this worked but not with v8.1.
The alpha transparency does not work and I get a black surrounding instead of transparency.
I’ve taken an old milepost I made with v7.1 and exported it using v8.1 to confirm this.
Comparing the different exports v7.1 had an entry in the material ‘HC_ALPHATEST_GREATER’ that is missing with v8.1.
Manually adding this to the v8.1 export the alpha transparency works again.

Question is how to accomplish this required material in the export from v8.1?
Using BlendATexDiff as shader does not work as RS then refuses to handle the texture swap, dummy texture remains in place.
Have tried different combinations of the ‘Tx Alpha’ custom field and ‘Alpha Test’ advanced field and ‘Adjust Alpha Test’ plug-in without success.
Need the TexDiff/TrainBasicObjectDiffuse shader together with the ‘HC_ALPHATEST_GREATER’ (or perhaps similar parameter) to achieve train numbers.


Do you remember this post?

Looking at the code, it seems that the only two possibilities for this field are 0 and 1. I don’t know what that translates to. You don’t happen to know what the numeric values for ‘HC_ALPHATEST_GREATER’ and the rest are do you?

Yes I remember that posting and I can see the problem.
The two problems are sides of the same coin? Fixing one brakes the other?
Unfortunately I have no idea at all as to the numeric values for the different entries.


Number textures now working as they should and this thread can be closed.
Proper material for number texture is TexDiff with ‘Tx Alpha’=TRANSPARENCY, a little contradictory but works!

Just about the last outstanding (reported) bug. I’ll probably have to request information from the makers of RS/RW. I don’t think I have what I need. But, maybe it’s here somewhere.

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