Problems with LOD Exports


since i had different problems with exporting my MSTS model with custom LOD in 3DCanvas 7, i decided to try with the new Crafter 9.1.
I have to admit that it is the first time i make some models with costom LOD, i followed the description of the tutorial on zhis website for the crafter version 7.
Here a screenshot where my hyrarchy and my export settings are visible, the model is then exportet but without any LOD (only the Main Model is exported and the lowpoly Model Main.200 is like ignored!)


I’m sorry for my english, but i hope it was undestandable and that someone knows what i’m doing wrong!

Have a nice Day,


After a lot of tries i found the problem in the 7 3DC: when i use a simplified 3D Mesh in the lower LOD the correspondent part in the LOD0 must have at less one face textured with the same texture and the same texture properties as the LOD 1…n.
It would be very useful if this particularity would be written also in the tutorial!

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Thanks for that. I’ll add it to my list of documention updates for future releases.

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