Problem with Texture Library Display

There appears to be a bug in the texture display window of the most recent 9.2.2 version. When I start the program and open the material panel, the material library window in the panel displays correctly and a texture can be selected. However, when I try to switch to another texture by selecting it in the material library window, I am unable to do so and instead the window distorts into three splotches of colour – red, green and purple. The only way I can select a different texture is to load it as a new texture, but the colour blobs do not disappear. I have not experienced this behaviour in earlier versions of the program.


Not only this issue, but more annoyingly, every time I load a texture with 9.2 I just get a white patch that is unselectable. Soooo, yeah, I can’t add ANY textures. Once again, 3dcrafter is a waste of hard drive space. I cannot actually recall the last time I used it without giving up in frustration after 15 minutes. Somewhere around 6.2?

More information on the above issue. That happens when I add a bitmap image. If I load a JPEG I get a solid blob of grey instead.


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About bmp not seen in texture library: To have bmp files displayed, check that the color space information is not saved in the file.
Using GIMP to create bmp files, you need to export with “Do not write color space information” selected.

I get the red and green bar prolem – but only on the laptop – never my high spec machine – which i am currently reinstalling thanks to MS Patch…

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