Problem with Remembering Flat Wrap Settings

The good news is that the new version of 9.1.2 installs on my Windows 7 PC. However, I have found a new problem as the program will no longer remember the settings I make for ‘Tile by unit’ under flat wrap, As recommended by several persons in various postings I set the ‘Tile by Unit’ to 0.25 Tiles per unit in order to properly fit unwrapped faces in the mapping screen. I press the small blue flag above the wrapping options to remember the settings I have made but as soon as I finish unwrapping one set of faces, the settings default back to ‘Size to Fit’. In addition, if I then press the grey ‘X’ for remembered settings, instead of restoring my settings, it returns the settings to 2.0 in the ‘Tile by Unit’ option – a setting I have never used. Perhaps I am missing something, but I do not recall having this problem in the past. I hope this can be fixed, as it makes an already laborious unwrapping process twice as long as I have to go to the material editor and re-enter my settings after every face unwrap.


The new 9.2 version fixes the problem of settings under flat wrap not being remembered when the blue flag is pressed and subsequently pressing grey ‘X’ for remembered settings. However, I still find even with the new version that after unwrapping one set of faces of an object, the settings default back to ‘Size to Fit’ so I have press the ‘X’ after every unwrap to restore the settings I want to use.

But I very much welcome the new possibilities in 9.2 to zoom in on an object, the zoom to extents facility and the new pan facility. These add considerably to increasing the ease of use of 3DCrafter, particularly for very small objects.


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