Problem by exporting Transparency/Translucency to .x

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im trying to export some files with transparent or translucent faces to .x file format. Unfortunately the transparency is lost in the .x file when i observe it with a viewer or also if i reimport it to 3dc.
I tried following things:
-Map the object with a bmp for main texture and also with a bmp for translucency map, export the file to .x and change in the .x File the .bmp to .tga.
-Map the object with a .tga.
-Map the object with a .tga and additional witch a .bmp for translucency map.

I tried also different parameters for the texturing but all without success…

Do someone know how it is possible to hold the transparency also in the .x file?

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If whole faces are translucent then try setting the material property of translucency for the face.

Translucency on textures is very much a function of the viewing program – if the viewer uses directX you could try using DDS formatted textures.

Hello Paul,

thanks for your answer, well i tried completely translucent faces and also partial translucent faces, but the result looked with the directx viewer is always the same, i tried also to change the translucency factor from 0 to 100 by steps of 10 but always without success (i saw that in the .x File it changes a parameter in the material definition, but the viewer dosent makes any difference…).
I made also some tries with .dds Textures, but also there i had no success, or do someone maybe know wich parameters i have to choose by exporting my Texture (i worked with gimp and the dds Plugin found in wickipedia)? I tried different possibilitys but probably not absolutely all.
Unfortunately i found nowhere in the web the information how to assign the translucent information to a material in the .x File, else i would try to make the change directly in the.x file with an text editor…

Sorry for my english, greetings from Switzerland,


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