Plugin programming – minor (Resolved for 8.1)

Have I addressed this now? If not, let me know. For now, I’ll consider this resolved.

In GetValidation method:

If you set ValidSelectionType = CSGSelectUnknown
3DC still checks the min and max shape sub-selection values if they are set.

(Solution is not to set them in the first place)

I’m trying to think if there is a valid reason for this. I’ll have to hunt through my plug-ins to see.

Is this an old error? Say from the last preview? The final version doesn’t use this method anymore.

Now 3DC tells you what is selected and you respond if you can work on it or not via the number of valid min/max. (0,0 meaning you can’t)

Oh, maybe 3DC asks about what is valid for ‘CSGUnknown’? This means a mixed selection (lights, camera, shapes and/or groups).

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