pipe builder : localization pb ?


Excellent ! Very useful new features !

(tested on pro)


I noticed this a long time ago but didn’t took time to post.

English decimal separator is . (0.1 for example).
In other places like in France it is , (0,1).

When using pipe builder, neither . or , are working.

Is it possible to fix this pb please so that I can use this great plugin to make small pipes ?

(with MSTS Engineer I can use the 0,1 notation)

I’m onto the task – it may take a day or two before I get a chance, the new version of SView goes out tomorrow.

Thanks a lot !

No errors reported with SView 1.5 so far, so I have done a new version of pipe builder for
3DC for you to try.

There are two more prompts…
First is an offset in degrees that determines where around the first point to start – really only affects things when you have 3 or 4 sides.

A height/width ratio – 0.5 will make an oval pipe half the diameter high.

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