Out of Memory error #7 (resolved)

Had to give up with the Wizard. Although I can export the basic model with the Train Simulator Wizard, I cannot get animated coach doors into the sim with it . I’ve used the standard naming convention such as door01_r, door1_l etc and other variants of it without success, doors are not exported. Bogies and wheels get renamed as usual but now will not appear in the sim as well. Tried skipping part identification but made no difference. I have had no trouble with animated doors using the File/…… Rail Simultator IGS exporter. It was ideal. The Train Simulator Wizard is clever but not quite clever enough for me, for more advanced exports to Railworks.

I should be getting a new version of the exporter out this week. Hopefully it will do the trick. Can you send me that model again (<!– e –><a href="mailto:support2@amabilis.com">support2@amabilis.com</a><!– e –>), so I can try the updated exporter on the semi-complete model? Thanks.

Original files re-sent. Latest iteration of the model available if required.

This is resolved (it seems) for the next version of 3DCrafter (8 and 9)

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