Out of Memory error #7 (resolved)

Just putting this report here as I had reported it in Technical Issues but got no answer from admin.

I started a completely new model and now I’m getting the same error as on the last model when using the Trainworks IGS exporter in the file menu. Out of Memory error #7. I’m using 3D Crafter 8.2.7 Build 1127 on a Win 7 64bit with 4 gig mem. The model file size is 26,352 kb and textures ad up to approx 32 mb. The count triangles plugin reports :- objects = 615. faces = 47589. triangulated = 101835. points = 54940. It’s a fairly detailed coach for Railworks and I’m only just about half way through it. Any help appreciated.

Can you send the model (and textures) to <!– e –><a href="mailto:support2@amabilis.com">support2@amabilis.com</a><!– e –>, so I can check it out on my computer? Thanks.

Requested model and texture files zipped up and sent. Thanks Admin

Well, I’ll tell you this: My five year old laptop isn’t super happy with that model <!– s:-) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":-)" title="Smile" /><!– s:-) –> Nice model though!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

It took a really long time to export, but it did export. There were some &quot;untextured&quot; items, but that didn’t seem to be a problem.

It fails for you every time?

I tend to usually export after working on the model for a while. It fails every time I do that now. If I reboot Windows and start up 3d Crafter and load the model in, it will usually export OK. Not sure if all memory is being freed before export. I have whacked up the Windows pagefile to 2x memory but that did not work. I’ll try setting the pagefile really high and let you know what happens.

Update on this. I have added more objects after upping the page file to 8 gig initial state. Exported OK for a while with this but have now had to expand it twice. Now the initial size is 12 gig with a top limit of 20 gig. After increasing the page file I can work on the model for quite a while and still export successfully, but gradually this reduces until you cannot model at all and get an error #7 on export. That’s when I increase the page file. The model is 90% complete so I hope I can finish it before I run out of pagefile space on the hard drive.

My first thought when I started getting this error was that the IGS exporter was eating ram for breakfast, but as things went on after upping the page file, I’m wondering due to the amount of work you can do in 3D Crafter decreasing, that it’s the program itself consuming memory. Can’t see why it would need 4 gig of ram and 12 gig of pagefile in the program though. Then again might it be an issue with the way the program interacts with Win 7 64 bit? I know the model and it’s textures are on the large size but it’s not that big.

I’ll keep you informed of further events.

Can you check something? When you first load the model, make one change and then see how much memory 3DC is using, then check it again after you have been modelling a while. There should be an increase (because things get cached etc.), but it shouldn’t be say &quot;double&quot;. If it increases dramatically, then it means that memory isn’t being released.

Also, I’d be curious to hear if a reboot makes it possible to export. Or if a simple closing and reopening of 3DC makes it possible to export.

I haven’t personally tried 3DC with Windows 7 – 64 bit. I’ll be replacing my computer soon (my main computer just died) and I’ll buy something &quot;64 bit&quot;, so I can test with it more. It’s entirely possible that 3DC and Windows 7 – 64 bit interacts differently than 3DC and Windows 7 – 32 bit.

As you model the memory usage does increase but not by much. About 200 meg after half an hour.

Closing the program after error #7 and restarting 3D Crafter does result in successful export usually, but will fail sometimes. Always works after a reboot until the time you run out of pagefile.

I’m running Windows resource monitor while running 3D Crafter and the results are interesting. During modeling physical memory in use does gradually creep up but only from say 1 gig to 1.2. When you select the hierarchy for export it shoots up to 1.8 gig. Once you start to export it goes up within a few seconds to 2.3-2.4 gig used. From then on it’s more or less stable with a few minor spikes until I get the Out of Memory error #7 report. No spike before the report and always approximately 1.4 gig of physical ram free. Looks as if Crafter or the IGS exporter is not using all my 4 gig. I have not been able to find a way to monitor the page file. Hope this helps

I think I have reached the limit now. Export to IGS fails with Out of Memory #7 every time no matter what size I set the page file to. Still have plenty of hard drive space for it.

The CountTriangles has not grown much since I stated expanding the pagefile :-
Before increasing PF – objects = 615. faces = 47589. triangulated = 101835. points = 54940
Triangle count now – objects = 693. faces = 57874. triangulated = 123424. points = 60807

Pagefile limit seems to be around 12 gig after that increases make no difference.
I have an old laptop with Win XP on it so may try that, though I don’t hold much hope as it only has 2 gig of memory.

If that fails I’ll have to look at ways of reducing the model.

What about a &quot;compact all&quot; from the file menu. Maybe on a test version.

It’s odd that the size of your model increases so much on the export. I don’t recall it happening on mine. I’ll have to try it again.

I’m sure we will come up with something. I’ll just have to do some thinking. So, don’t go about any reductions yet.

Actually, I just though of something that might do it. It’s a bit drastic though, so before I do that, try the compact, and let me look at the export a bit.

I just realized this is 3DC 8 you are using. I wasn’t paying attention to the forum. I don’t know if that complicates things or not. I was thinking 3DC 9. Either way, I’ll do some looking.

Used &quot;Compact All&quot; quite a few times but did not seem to make any difference.

Tried exporting on quite a few systems from my old XP laptop with 2 gig to a friends Win 7 desktop with 12 gig of ram and all with the same result. Even tried a 16 gig USB drive with 12 gig enabled as WIn 7 Powerboost ram but same result.

Problem seems to be the IGS exporter just consuming too much ram, or not using all available. I’ll leave the model as is and see if you can come up with something. Yes still with 3DC 8 as it seems reasonably bug free now.

At last some good news. I had tried the alternative IGS exporter in the file menu with the same result. Decided to try Train Simulator Wizard ( which I have avoided because it changes naming conventions for bogies, wheels etc ) and it successfully exported and worked in the sim despite the renamed wheels and bogies. If possible could we have a toggle to turn off renaming. Definitely a problem with the IGS exporter memory handling then.

Ok, I know what the difference is, and why the wizard works. They definitely use memory differently. Unfortunately, I can’t change the exporter to work like the wizard. But, I have another idea.

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