OPTIONS – EDITING – UNITS – Changing Units has No Effect


RE: 3DC 9.1.1 (Build 1256)

Correct me if I’m wrong – but – if I scale a shape to 12 feet long when "OPTIONS" are set to "FEET" – and – it shows 12 background blocks (Increment set to 1) in my view…

And then I go change the "OPTIONS" to "METERS" – shouldn’t the same object now cover 3.6576 background blocks in the viewport ???

Choosing either "METERS" or "FEET" seems to have no effect…

The scale of my object seems way off (it’s HUGE) when I build in "FEET" and export it…

Hmm – LOL – yeah yeah – I know – the whole world is metric except the U.S. – but – it should work – right ???
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