Opinions on 9.2.2 Please

9.2.2 has been out for about a month now. I’m curious to hear how it is working out for people. I’d like to hear how it compares to previous versions from a stability perspective while modelling. That is probably the biggest thing I targeted for this release.

While modeling, I’ve had no problems at all. I haven’t built anything terribly complex, but am constantly undoing and redoing, compacting and optimizing, changing views and perspectives. I’ve modeled for an hour or more straight and 3DCrafter keeps ticking until I’m ready to close the file.

However… 🙂 If I go into “Tools” – “Options…” and hop back and forth amongst the tabs, 3DC will eventually hang up, usually after about the 8th hop. I can recreate this behavior every time.

Other than that (and the export to Trainz hiccup), I’ve encountered no further problems. I even have a couple of assets on the Trainz download station to show for it! 😀

Let me know if and where I can provide further info on the Options hang up. I saved a few screenshots and Windows dumps. I’m running Windows 7 Professional (SP1) – 64 bit on a Dell 8300 with 16 GB RAM and 3.4 GHz CPUs.


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does 9.2.2 require a complere new reinstall after removing 9.1.1 build 1236
Time I got back into modelling.
Btw, is there a manual on how use this forum????

I spoke too soon I guess. I was modeling for about 3 1/2 hours tonight and most of the 3DCrafter screen went blank, everything froze and after a minute it crashed. My Windows reporting blamed it on MSVBVM60.DLL. Fortunately I have the habit of saving every few minutes, so not much was lost. 3DCrafter recovered the scene OK when I started up again.

I am seeing some more instability with 9.2.2 which is not present in 9.1.2. Something that is happening often is that I will open a model, make an adjustment to a component, reverting 12 steps or so, and the history list will disappear (just for the component I am working with) it will revert completely to is original primitive and 3DC will throw an error (sorry I forgot the number). This model was made using 9.2.2, but it does not behave this way in 9.1.2. For now, I have stopped using 9.2.2 its driving me nuts.

Please note I have seen the VBVM DLL error and reported it in the Beta thread.

Ok, I was doing some face dividing and got this one: An unrecoverable error has occurred. Often errors such as these can be resolved by updating the drivers for your graphics card. If you continue to receive this message please let us know on the problem reports forum at http://www.amabilis.com/forum. (#-2147418105) I only had 3DCrafter open for about 10 minutes. My video card drivers are the latest for an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti from May 2012.

Update to above post: Had to kill the process using task manager – it was still running… 🙁

Last night Crafter (9.1.2 this time) started to eat up memory at a hideous rate. I had to just about shut down my machine to get it to give up the ghost.

Mind you, this does not happen often.

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Stability-wise, it’s just as bad as any other version. On my 64-bit Win7 PC with 12GB RAM, it crashes about every 10 minutes. I save my work after every edit, and keep saving to a new filename, because one time it completely corrupted the file and I couldn’t open it again.
It also uses a huge amount of memory (I’ve seen it close to 2GB) and I got an out-of-memory error once when trying to export a large model. I fixed that by hacking the header of the executable to allow it to use more than 1GB RAM. I installed the “Explorer Suite” from NTCore (http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php) and then using its “CFF Explorer VII” tool, followed the instructions given here to ensure that the executable of 3DC can handle more than 2GB of memory: http://www.talkgraphics.com/showthread.php?42418-32-bit-memory-limit-removal-utility&s=618af0a0b6a13771159d3ad990d3ee70


I have a model that uses a slightly modified skeleton from the library. Now when I come to ‘Enable’ a bone the application crashes. If I kill the process and recover the document the bone has been enabled. So basically to get my model rigged I’ve got to suffer a crash for every single bone. Not good!

Is there any chance of a fix to stop 3DC crashing frequently when run in Windows 7 64-bit? It really is a nightmare, very frustrating knowing that at any moment the programme will definitely crash. Sometimes I can get up to 20 minutes work done, other times it crashes after doing a single operation! It’s really not good for productivity.

I am in total agreement there with you Spudinsky,seems to me we’re going from bad to worse…i too am ezperiencing the same problem,load up a model then crash and thats both on Win 32 and 64 bit windows 7….Also i find it lags quite a lot…cleaned out my system 4 times and it still lags and sometimes takes forever and a day to load a file either .obj,3ds or even the 3dc format…hopefully it will be fixed shortly…although i did post about the #3800 error about a week ago and no reply there either and that started 4 years ago…..

Also, just to provide a bit more information, the crashes don’t depend on the size of the model. It crashes just as often with a newly created, simple model, as with a complex one.

Hi Richard,

If your still around – as of Jan 2013 – chronic crashes of 9.22 – happens all the time…
Win7 X64


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