Object properties problem

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your reply.

Everything is normal, in fact it doesn’t actually cause any problems, just no thumbnail in the ‘Object Properties’ pop-up.


When I right click on an object and select the properties, I no longer get a thumbnail of the primary texture in the relevant slot.

What have I done?


Hi Phil,

I’m no expert – but – I would go under ‘Tools’ =andgt; ‘Use Plug-In’ =andgt; ‘Material’ =andgt; ‘Swap Texture Files’ and see if your appropriate textures are still defined… It should list every texture used on the selected object… Just hit ‘Cancel’ when done…

Does it seem correct ???

Are your textures still in the directory with the model ???

I recall sometimes having to scroll through the texture definitions in the ‘Properties’ window – can you scroll down the list ???

Does your model still appear normal in the main windows ???

Also you can run the ‘Print Hierarchy’ plugin as it should list your textures for each object as well…

Anyway – that’s what I would start with…


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