Object Properties Panel ???

Hi Folks,

LOL – I’m single handedly attempting to bring this place some life…

Question – where did the “Object Properties” panel go ??? On version 6 and 7 – we had an object properties panel when you right clicked on an object… Among other things – this panel would allow you to set the position – and – what I’m interested in at the moment – the rotation of the object by typing in values in the respective fields..

In Version 8 it was moved to the “Extended” Properties and Information panel…

In Version 9 – I can’t find it…


Hi, Scott. Upper right is the “Properties/Info”. If you click on it, it should pin the whole panel open at all times. Is that what you’re looking for? This holds the scene tree and switching amongst tabs (depending on what was selected in the tree), will allow you to view/set object properties by using the keyboard. This might be what buckauto was looking for too.

Hi Andrew,

Screen in question: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v304/scottb613/2013-03-2207_57_01-PropertiesandInformation_zps6a1edae2.png

Yeah – I had that panel up – the part that I missed is I think it’s changed… In the older versions I could swear we had the ability to set an individual objects position and rotation – after playing around with this last night – it seems that this ability is limited to “groups” only now… I kept looking at my individual objects and the screens didn’t contain any fields for keyboard entry – finally – LOL – it took a while – I clicked on a group to find them…

Yep – Buck’s query started me looking…

As long as we are on this screen – anyone know what the “Inverse Kinematics” does ?


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