new swap texture file plugin

A small word of warning when using this plugin…

Until I fix the bug, if the current texture is a TGA file, replacing the texture with another works, but leaves the mask set to the old file.

This doesn’t affect exports to MSTS, but may look odd within 3DC.

Change the Mask file on the materials tab and use the update material plugin to correct the problem.

I’ll patch this when I get a chance.


I got bored with clicking on each object and running the update material plugin in order to change texture files on a model…

The new plugin scans all objects under a selected group. Displays a list that allows you to enter a new file against each existing texture.
Pressing OK updates all faces with the correctly selected texture file – it does not change the material properties.

Handy for train simmers who want to change the texture names for a new version of a model…

I’ll put it on the highworth website soon, if you’d like a preview copy, just e-mail me…



I made the suggestion for this improvement some time ago and Paul it’s like a belated Christmas for me. I have just finished updating material for about 200 objects with a dmu and the suiting car. Thanks a lot! Life will be easier with 3DC and MSTS.

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