*New* Material Manager

This one could be quite useful for managing those troublesome custom material fields.

Nothing needs to be selected first.

The first screen shows a list of custom fields, all materials for all objects in all groups.


Click on the blue box or text to transfer that material info to the right panel. The values can be edited there.

Checking any of the nodes on the right panel and pressing the apply button will copy any of the values (if they are checked too) across to the selected nodes.

Download version for 7.1.2 here:

Thanks Paul for this Plug-in. <!– s;) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink" /><!– s;) –>

Need to register it with Regsvr32 before using I think.

Do you have something similar in mind for texture?
This would be usefull when a change to the name of a texture is needed or texture swapping.


Hi Robert,

There is already a swap texture plugin, though I may need to update it a little to take account of detail/bump/spec/env maps.

Thanks !

The 2 options are a good idea.

Hello Paul,

do you know anything about incompatibilities of 3DC with Vista? The plugin is copied to the plugins directory, the dll is registerd but 3DC complains not to find it!?

Any hints appreciated


Very nice. Thanks Paul. I emigrated from Carshalton 45 years ago. Hows does it look nowadays??
Having a problem with 3dc right now but could be a blond moment. The Train Wizard exports the model OK but nothing appears in the route e.g. .ref file,shape or texture nor in the whole TS Only clue, 2 routes USA1 and 2 appear in the route selector that are not in the route file. Any ideas mucho appreciated.

[BLOCKQUOTE class=’ip-ubbcode-quote’][div class=’ip-ubbcode-quote-title’]quote:[/div][div class=’ip-ubbcode-quote-content’]Originally posted by Roman:
Hello Paul,
do you know anything about incompatibilities of 3DC with Vista? The plugin is copied to the plugins directory, the dll is registerd but 3DC complains not to find it!?

Roman – the only problem I can think of (apart from the registering failing) would be if the 3DC version you are using is not 7.1.2 ?

Do you have 7.1.3 alpha version installed?

Hello Paul,

it is version 7.1.2 and works fine under XP. I am not pretty sure what else could be wrong. I asked on behalf of an other TS user. Some time ago I helped him with panto animation and now he is doing his next step and wants to apply transparent windows to his streetcar and crossed the material problem. He downloaded your plugin but had no success so far. The only difference seems to be the underlaying OS. Your answer helps to sort out some things. Thank you very much.

Sorry for asking such a thick question but can someone indicate how to manuall register a DLL?

Added teh plugin to the Plugin folder but can’t see an option for Material Manger so assume i need the register bit


Steve – you need to use the Start Menu ‘Run’ option.

Then type in:


Roman – an odd problem.
The only other dependancy for the plugin is c:windowssystem32mscomctl.ocx
I have version, dated 9th March 2004.

Once I have finished my next couple of plugins, I’ll re do the installation package which should register everything for you.

great plugin, very useful for me.
Thanks a lot!

(Vista, 3DC 7.1.2.)

Thanks Paul but I get a error code 0x80004005 when I run the regsvr32 command.

I’m on Vista by the way???


That’s an access denied error – you need to be running the regsvr32 program as an administrator.

Sorry, I’ve never used vista.

Is version 7.1.2 the same as version The latter is the version I have. I registered the dll as indicated above, but it does not appear in the list of 3DC plug-ins. Does anything else need to be done to see it? I have checked that I have MSCOMCTL.OCX in the system 32 folder.


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