New Forum, can't see pictures just code

Just tried reading through the forum and can read the text OK but can’t see pictures just code. Tried it in IE and Firefox.

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That’s not good. It loos like the attachments weren’t converted. I’m not sure at this point about what can be done, if anything.

I had a quick look. I can’t say for certain, but I “might” be able to fix it. It’s not impossible. The links are there, and the files are there. It’s a matter of connecting the two up.

Any way this can be fixed as the tutorial i was following is useless without pictures, as are most of them. Desperate.

The old forums are visible again at

It turns out that none of the images are still available. Something went wrong with the old forums. Semi-unrelated to the forum conversion. I’m trying to have them restored from backup.

The old forums are now located here:

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