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I believe that if you install the IE or Windows component named andquot;Windows Scripting Hostandquot; you will be able to run VBS files.

Hi – just to let everyone know, I’ve put all of my scripts and plugins onto my web site

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under the train image on the left is a menu with 3D modelling utilities…

Includes all my latest plugins plus small updates for the Print Hierarchy and the MSTS Engineer – you can now enter 2’6andquot; or 30andquot; and it will (should) convert to metres when building.



thanks for giving us the keys to your treasure chest …
One minor problem though, which I know you can solve in a heartbeat… I tried the andquot;rightandquot; add-on to explorer and it wants to do everything but running the vbs file. My Windows 2K installation does not recognize the vbs extension as a program and therefore refuses cardinally to do anything with it. Any tips ???

Not quite 3DC related, but a VBS file is a VB Script file and you need to have scripting enabled to be able to use it.
I thought this came as standard these days with IE5.5 or IE6?

Unfortunately I’m not sure how it can be enabled.

My W2k system has a VBS file type Open command set up as:

C:WINNTSystem32WScript.exe andquot;%1andquot; %*

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