My latest plugin…

I exchanged some e-mail with them and they said they were quite interested in supporting efforts to increase the number of andnbsp;developers of their andquot;contentsandquot;. Also when I mentioned 3DC as a possibility they were quite amiable. Many of us who develope models for MSTS could easily export them to the Trainz format; especially buildings and other items that make the atmosphere of a model railway would suddenly exist for Trainz in abundance. I don’t know about locos they seem to have a lot more difficult cabviews than MSTS, but one can always learn.
Like so many others I don’t like gmax although I tried it. I got no exportable results. Maybe one could learn to handle gmax too but 3DC is my favorite and I feel comfortable with it. Maybe it’s only prejudice or stubborness…
It was only a suggestion and I know I’m not alone with my sentiments.

Just a small preview of my latest plugin…
It was originally just for building pipes in MSTS, but I suppose it may be useful for all sorts of models.

The idea is to build a cylinder around each selected edge (variable faces and diameter)
So you could build up a andquot;formerandquot; object and build a pipe based on it’s edges.

The 3 images below show first a sphere with all edges selected before running.
The 2nd is after the run and the 3rd is with the original sphere deleted.

Just need to adjust the points so that the cylinder is continuous where it joins another.



Very cool andnbsp;:)


very true, GMAX is a bit more difficult and exporting from 3DC to GMAX loses the texturing so you need to know how to re-apply it (which involves learning GMAX)

If I can get info on what output files are needed, I could have a go, but it may be a bit tricky without a copy of trainz to test it on.

All my plugins do is help with the model geometry…

I gather that trainz does not have a published file format for objects – is that correct?
The only trainz export available is from GMAX?

Has there been any success andnbsp;with exporting from 3DC to GMAX and then on to trainz?

If I could get the file format, it’s probably not a massive task to write an exporter (but I have a couple more to write before then)

Looks very promising! Paul, as Richard doesn’t seem to be to keen about the idea of a Trainsim-Wizard plugin for Trainz and you seem to be a true plugin wizard how about it <!– s;) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink" /><!– s;) –>?
I admit I’m clueless how difficult this might be, just a hint intended.

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