MSTS export crash

I don’t have an andquot;upload areaandquot;. But if you have any models you want to share you could email them to me (<!– e –><a href=""></a><!– e –>) and I’ll make the available for download.




I’m getting a consistent crash when exporting with the optimised distance levels of detail – the usual unrecoverable error, followed by the D3DRM.DLL message.

if I export with just the normal distnace levels all is OK.

running win ME, geforce 2 with detonator 28.32 driver

on the same spec machine on Win2k, TNT card, 28.32 driver the screen goes black for a few secs, but recovers and produces the S file.

I’m sure this used to work with an older driver.
A driver problem or should I just upgrade to XP ?



p.s. forgot to add andnbsp;- andnbsp;5.5C rel 4

Occasionally this will cause a problem. I use a part of DirectX 8 to do this that is a tad flakey (in my opinion).

Usually it will create the optimized detail levels if you are starting from a fresh boot. Booting and then immediately trying the export might be something worth trying.

Also, there may be something specific about this particular model that is causing this. So one model may be fine while another causes problems.

And yes… drivers, as always, are imporant.


Hi Paul,

I have managed to export optimized steam locomotives from 3DC under Windows XP, so maybe it is time to upgrade <!– s:-) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":-)" title="Smile" /><!– s:-) –>


I’ve tried the fresh boot, the 28.32 and 16.50(?) drivers dated 22/2/02, still no luck…

does anyone else out there have ME and can export optimised LOD? if so what detonator version are you using ?



Yes, it should be much bigger. The file has 7 or 8 different copies of the same model and MSTS chooses between the models based on distance.


I have the same problem with optimized DL export in W98SE. Sometimes it works, more often not. Btw the *.s files created with optimized DL export are quite big (~5MB) compared to the normal DL export (~1 MB) of the same model. Is that as it should be?

I fixed my unrecoverable error problem – I had done a recovery of Win ME (more ME problems) and the DX version was screwed up – re-installing DX8a fixed the crash.

However, a couple of models still fail (or hang as per my previous posting) I’ve left them for 20 mins and it’s still using 100% CPU – they’re only 200polys – the same file takes 30 seconds on Win2K

Other larger models (locos) take 3-4 mins.
– I ordered a copy of XP a few minutes ago.

on another topic…

Alan asked the other week if I wanted to upload a few models – do you have an upload area or do I just e-mail them?



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