MSTS Engineer – plugin

Version 1 is now complete.

If you already have a beta version, I’ve e-mailed you the updated version today, it should be in your inbox.
(If I’ve missed you out, please let me know)

There’s no download site at the moment, so if you’d like a copy, e-mail me by clicking the e-mail link to the left of this message.

Hopefully Richard will add it to the downloads here shortly.

I’ve not added instructions, but it should be relatively simple to follow.
Just copy the DLL into the plugins directory and select the option that appears on the plugins menu.

The flashing wheels issue seems to happen after you apply a texture to a square flat object (it happens when I do this manually) – the only solution is to crease the 3 objects per wheel after applying the texture.



I have been developing a plugin for semi-automatic generation of rolling stock items.

(see plugins forum message on solid wheel generator :
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If anyone is interested in a late beta copy (should be fully working), just e-mail me with the e-mail link on the left of this message (middle icon under garfield)



Your plug-in could andquot;generatenormalsandquot; for the wheel objects. That is the same as creasing. And it is pretty easy to do. Just use a default crease angle of .3pi Radians.

And yes, I think there is an issue with 3+ axels. I recall seeing instructions on how to modify the S file to fix it. (something about ordering of groups or something)

BTW This plug-in is really great. andnbsp;A really nice enhancement for 3DC. Thanks <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –>


A couple of bugs reported so far….

It generates flashing wheels (I think the last plugin did too) – just crease the square faces to correct this.

Bogie animation not working for 3+ axles – will check this, I think it’s a known bug, you may need to add a small animated object that does nothing – I’ll check.

As the man said, ten minutes after installing the plug-in, and with the help of the MSTS Wizard, I had my next diesel loco project doing its rolling chassis trials on the Sandamp;C. Now, where is the box that I type in the locomotive class and it then creates the body shape?

(all the wheels go round too andnbsp;:) )

Thanks Richard, that’s how I did fix it at the same time as you posted <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –>

Odd, I’m pretty sure the normals for the square faces I built were correct (1,0,0 and -1,0,0)

I’ve just sent out the beta 2 after fixing a few bugs – several satisfied customers so far andnbsp; 8)

If there are no more bugs reported this week, I’ll make it available.

If any of the beta testers wants another template set up, just send me the details that need to be entered (e.g. Standard German Steam loco etc)

On the animation bug – it was on Christrains you read about it, but others I know say it still doesn’t work sometimes and that adding a small animated part kicks it into action.

Even with the patch in, it still generates flashing wheels – must be something to do with adding a flat square face to a group – the same thing happens when modelling. I’ll try and correct this for the release.

I’ll also add a couple of suggestions from Hans – Axles and con rod bearing diameters.
(Though the main aim of the project was really to build the pieces at a default size and let the use resize the parts, but since there could be many bearings, a size parameter makes sense)

I’m still looking for more template values if anyone has typical values for German or US locos or stock.

Only a couple more fixes needed.

I’m working on some more US options… andnbsp;I’ll let you know what I come up with…

So far… I really like it.

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