MSTS Automatic Rod/Piston Animator

It works with a fairly set hierarchy.

You select the wheel the rod is attached to (as a child group) and the rod itself. The piston group needs to be a sibling of the wheel (or at least not a child)

The piston centre gets moved to the end of the rod, but leaves everything else untouched so it should work for your model. I’ll try and send you a copy with the example shortly.



I probably should have posted in this forum instead of the plugins one as no one seems to be reading it there…

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Very nice Paul and very useful. Look forward to trying it.


Paul, that looks incredible. You are sure making 3dC [b:18hk65s7]THE[/b:18hk65s7] software for modelers!

I have animated my front engine, but not my rear engine, so far. Does your plug-in take into account the MAIN groupings? Or would it require a set-up similar to TrainSim Wizard (where I have to separate my front and rear loco)? I can currently export manually to MSTS format by right-clicking on an object from the appropriate engine, but TrainSim Wiz has no such allowance. andnbsp;It is all or nothing. andnbsp;It would be really helpful if that could be improved upon for you plug-in and TrainSim Wiz.

I would love to try it out for you. But, I’d prefer to leave my articulated andquot;togetherandquot; in the scene for setup and modeling purposes.

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