Missing Trainz (*.im) Export Option in 9.2.2

It seems that the export option “Trainz Railroad Simulator (im)” is not to be found in version 9.2.2 of 3DCrafter. Searching the other threads, it looks like it might be missing from earlier version of 9 as well. I’ve made sure that all Trainworks options are turned on in the software and I’ve restarted 3DC. I’ve even uninstalled and installed in other directories (C:\) as well as the default C:\Program Files (x86)\.

I’ve also installed 3DC version 8.2.8 and DO see the export option “Trainz Railroad Simulator (im)” in that version.

Little help ? 🙂



For what it is worth, in all my version of 3D Crafter ( 7.1.2, 8.1.2, 9.1.2, 9.2.2 ) that I have installed on my system, the Trainz exporter is visible and working.
I don’t use Trainz, so I cannot check the correct working.

You can look in the PluginsImportExport folder if there is a file named TrainzIM.dll.
If there is it is probably not registered properly, maybe due to administrator rights.
Try re-register it with administrator rights.

Hope this helps



WooHoo! I had to run the regsvr32 as administrator to get it to work! After I did that, it showed up in 3DC 9.2.2. Thanks, Gerrit. I’m running Windows 7 Professional – 64 bit. I wonder why during the install, this did not register like it should? It asked me to provide admin rights during the install… Maybe I have to run the install package as Administrator from the very beginning.

I think Paul made this same suggestion in another thread. I though I tried it, but it failed. That’s probably because I didn’t run regsvr32 as administrator.

Thanks again!


Great news 🙂

I’m just marking this thread as “resolved”.

Remember: “Run As Administrator”.

Good to hear. This had me scratching my head. I’ll look at the installer to see if I can figure out why it isn’t working knowing this.

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