Missing Face / object after export [solved, thanks Paul!]

alpha sorting problem… solved !

I tried moving around the cab interior.
It worked when I put the 3 objects of the cab interior at the same level as UnderFrame1 (so directly under Main).



Below is picture from 3DC.
Look at the green arrows.
In shape viewer (and MSTS), the ‘204’ panel and the side of the cab are missing.
There texture files are created properly by the MSTS export plugin.


The shape viewer image below.

Thanks for your help !

is the 204 panel inside the window?
It could be that you have an alpha sorting problem. (I can assist if that is the case)

If you move it outside and export is it there?

Thanks for your fast reply!

The 204 panel is behind the front window and is part of a separate model for the cab interior.

The model on the screen copy is made as follows:
1) The train exterior
2) The passengers area (interior with seats), imported from the object library (and removed at once to avoid a 3DC crash on the next launch!)
3) The cab interior, imported from the object library

The imported models are moved into the ‘Main’-� hierarchy.

So, the missing parts are from the imported cab interior.

… and, from the points you raise, [b:1fxf6avq]an alpha sorting problem seems very likely[/b:1fxf6avq] (total polygons count is a little more than 11,000 but the model loads OK in MSTS).

All 3 models are properly displayed when exported separately.

If I remember well (I’ll check tonight at home), the cab interior is on the top of the hierarchy. May be I should move the cab interior inside the passenger area (… and risk to have to solve a uid 200000 error)

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