Mirror Group script not working (Resolved)

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I’m sure this was working with 8.1 before the new test version.

Now it seems to create invisible objects again as it does for 7.1.2.
Selecting these objects causes a crash.


It works for me. At least if I’m understanding what is happening.

Makes me wonder if there is something about how things are selected etc.

I’ve tried it again on my home PC and i works when there’s only one group but if there is a hierarchy it fails to complete..



The key to this is the ‘addoptimizedX’ methods. There is no guarantee that a shape’s points/uvs/normals are optimized, so when you add an optimized item you can’t be certain you will get the same index as was on the original shape.

If I find a situation where I specifically don’t want to optimize I usually add all of the points/uvs/normals at once with dummy numbers that are guaranteed to be unique, so there won’t be any optimizing. Then I go through and update them with the non-unique values.

Thanks Richard. I don’t know why I didn’t try that first time.

I’ll try and get it fixed for both versions, it’s a useful script.

Definitely fixed now – Mirrored 5000 poly wing OK


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