Mech Warrior

Thats fine…go ahead with the textures and animation if you wish.

My main PC is in for repair at the moment so haven’t been able to make much progress with my model but shoukd bw able to get going again later this week.

My first attempt at a Mech Warrior.
Still quite a bit more work needed with the textures and I need to add some kind of shoulder cannon thingie.
Not to keen on the head so I might re-build this.

I’ve tested a basic walk anim and everything works fine.
It’s taken ages to paint all the textures, I was going to unwrap all the parts onto one large (1024×1024) texture but in the end unwrapped each body part to it’s own texture.
I ended up with 13 textures at 256 x 256 and one at 512×512.



awsome job bazza,
maybe its good if the head is small so you can put a rotating cannon on the shoulder and it will turn over the head….good work…

I’m going to put a small mech warrior demo together when I get time so if anyone has anything suitable they would like included let me know.

Any models MUST be created with 3DC.


Nice model, Bazza !

I have a model you can use if you want. It’s untextured and no animation right now. Here’s a pic. Let me know if you are interested.


Yes if you want to continue with it but I would need the model to be fully textured to a reasonable standard and animated.

There are a few points regarding your model though that would need changing, sorry, I should have given a bit more info….
First the poly count….
At nearly 5700 poly’s this is way to high.
If I wanted a group of say 6 of these models I would end up with a poly count of around 35,000 just for this group.
To this I need to add the poly counts for all the other models within the scene, it could quite easily get completly out of hand.

So some info…
Try to keep the poly/triangle count for the complete model to around 2,500 or less if possible.
All the textures used MUST be to the power of 2…ie 128×128, 256×256, 512×512 etc
The TOTAL size of ALL the texures combined must work out no more than 1024×1024.
You could if you wish unwrap the complete model to a 1024×1024 texture or do as I did and unwrap the model parts to a number of smaller textures.

Poly Counts…take a look at the pic.
1) Is an untextured version of my model showing the face layout.
You don’t have to build into the model all the small details, you can do this with the textures.
2) A close up of the right arm.
3) The texture used for the shoulder
4) Ditto for the upper arm
5) Ditto for the weapon
Check out the original image at the top of this post, the detail appears to be built into the model but it isn’t.
By creating the model detail with the textures you can keep the poly count down to a minimum.

Your model design….see the next post.


Designing mech warriors.
Now I’m only a beginner at this but you need to be very critical of your models…I am.
My first design wasn’t that good, the legs for example are far to slender to support all that body mass and it would have looked much better if the top part of the leg was much shorter and the lower leg longer.

Your model, I think suffers from the same problem, the legs need to be beefed up.
Also try to loose the humanoid appearence and make it look more like a machine.

Here’s a pic of the model I’m working on at the moment, it isn’t to my design, I’m just using someone elses design and changing stuff to create a new one.
If you do a Google search for images of mech warriors you will find plenty of ideas to use as a starting point.

Anyway, this is how I start out by creating each body part from very low poly shapes.
Then I start adding a bit more detail to these shapes but all the time keeping an eye on the poly count.
I’ve started on the left leg and foot, just rounding things off a bit but not adding any fine detail.
As I work around the body parts, I’ll change things I don’t like, and adding bit’s and pieces as I go along.
At the moment the poly count is around 1,700 polys but should end up at around 2,500.

So if you would like to continue, please do so.

Get Paul’s Mirror Group script for duplicating arm and leg groups.
Thanks Paul…it’s a great help.

If anyone else would like to try building, texturing and animating one of these but is unsure about any part of it, especially the texures I can do a small tutorial on unwrapping with Ultimate Unwrap 3D.
I wouldn’t unwrap one of these with 3DC…it can be done but the features of UU3D make it much easier.

Let me know


OK, No problem.
That was just an old model I built when I first started modeling. Now that I know what you are looking for, I’ll see what I can come up with.

Is this one better? If it is suitable, I will texture it, animate it, and make required changes. No offense intended, but I will not make one that looks like your examples. In my opinion, that defeats the purpose of asking people for other examples. If it looks like one of yours then you may as well build it in the first place.


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