Mapping wiper animation to doors

Thanks for the tips.

I read ‘ [img:8gt12xpt][/img:8gt12xpt]
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) that there can be 2 pantographs which are moved according to the direction of travel :
one has parts with names like Pantograph*1* (for example, PantographBottom1A, PantographTop1A) and the other Pantograph*2*.
I intend to use this to have proper side opening (to be tested !).

I would like to animate doors.

How do I map the doors animation to the wiper key ?

What input should I give to MSTS export plugin ?
(or may be I should modify the *.s file manually after export.

Can I use most of ‘Wiper Blades Animation Tutorial’ ?

1) I believe I could map a left door to the left wiper and a right door to the right wiper.

But I have 3 left doors and 3 right doors…
I just need to have all 6 doors listed in the ‘animation properties and timeline’ ?

2) Then again, I don’t know what to enter in the part identification step for wiper elements in the MSTS export wizard.
Hierarchy with WiperArmRight1 with 3 doors and WiperArmLetf1 with 3 doors (so I could skip the wiper part identification step) ?

Hey Dom…

Yeah – I had an idea to use the wiper function for animating my bell on a steam locomotive… Didn’t work out too well…

First off – the switch doesn’t work with steam locomotives…

Secondly – the animation is directly linked to the speed of the locomotive… Once I had any speed on – the bell was slapping back and forth with the speed of the piston rods… A shame too – as the animation on the bell – looked SOOO good – in 3DC…

If you get better results – please let me know…

Good luck…


Thanks for taking time to reply.

Someone told me yesterday that using the wiper animation would give a repetitive movement.

The only option is to use the pantograph animation.

Hey Dom…

Sounds good… I know I have seen a loco somewhere with animated doors – must have been how they did it… It still won’t help with Steam – though… C’mon Kujo – we could have used one additional animation type per loco…

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I made a London Underground train in 3DC with opening doors, which is at uktrainsim and It uses the pantograph part names, so the doors open when you press P. It only works on an electric train on an electrified route. I wanted the doors on either side of the train to open independently depending on what side the platform was, but never managed this. There are supposed to be two pantograph names (using P and Shift P to operate, I think). There were also some odd effects when the trains are used as AI (I remember seeing one pass me by with doors wide open – not safe!). You also have to remember to set the animation of the doors to close on pantograph up, otherwise you will discover a lack of ‘juice’.

Hope this helps.

Richard Scott

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