Locating untextured face

Thanks Paul,

The untextured faces plugin worked telling me where the problem was. However I still could not find the offending face. Fortuneatly the ‘fill’ could and fixed the problem.

Could the untextured faces outline the face in colour?

I made my model, textured it, but when I came to export to TS it says I have 1 untextured face. I cannot find it. I do not want to ‘flood fill’.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

PS what does the plug in ‘fill untextured faces’ do? It does not seem to effect anything.

There should be a show untextured faces plugin (if you have my plugin set)
Select an object in the root group for it to check the whole hierarchy.
It will tell you the name of the object and the group it is in.
The print hierarchy plugin will also show this info.

To fill…
Make sure you have some texture selected in the material tab.
Select the whole model hierarchy and run the Fill untextured faces plugin.

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