Jerky animation with Train Engineer Plug-in

When I use the plugin to build wheels for a steam loco I am building, I find that there is a slight jerk when I check the animation of the wheels. It happens with the first key when the wheels seem to drop a few centimetres before continuing to rotate normally. It would also seem that the con rod moves in slightly closer to the wheels before the rotation continues- again by a few centimetres. Have others experienced this behaviour and is there a way of fixing it? There is a noticable jerk when I run the loco in RailWorks.



I don’t think it’s the plugin – as I always found the animation sequences smoother than anything you could do by hand…

I’ve only used it for MSTS – though – and I do recall some RW specific animation issues mentioned around here….

Keep in mind – it’s really easy to forget you are in animation mode and intruduce an inadvertant shift… This seems the most likely – since you mention it happens on the first key frame… This is where you are normally sitting – when you start animation mode – therefore – the most likely to be shifted…

The other test you can run – is if you saved your "TrainSim Engineeer" settings – just use the pluging and "gen" a whole new wheel set and see if the issue is present in one that hasn’t been modified…

Hope this helps.


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