invisible lofts

Hi all. Can someone please show me what needs to be done to setup invisible lofts in 3DC
Ie what textures are needed and what shaders and settings are required…

Hi Peter,

Just make a face, I made mine X=4, Y=0, Z=8
Texture this face with any texture you like.
Give this texture a pure black alpha channel, this will make your face completly invisible.
Use the the shader "LoftBumpAlpha.fx"
No other settings required.

Hope this helps.



thanks. is that metres or feet your working in please.

I work in metres.



LOL – now if I only knew what an "invisible loft" was…
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well you know what a loft is, right???
Well the invisible one can’t be seen.

So you could , I guess place one in the air and have a plane use it to fly past, like a road.
Or you could place a long road and then pop an invisible loft under it and assign road traffic to the invisible loft. so you are not then restricted to haveing say a set road piece that already has set cars assigned to it.

Think I have it right….

Thanks Peter…
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