Interior creation

For accuracy, yes.

You can also apply textures to a separate interior objects so that it lights up at night – see the MSTS texturing tutorial in the 3DC help text

I am about to start a commuter train for MSTS.

I can use the ‘cross section modeling’ tutorial to build the shape.

Then how to create the interior ?

1) By applying a temporary transparent texture to see through the train structure ?
Eventually, the interior will be visible through transparency texture (windows) used on the outside.

2) Will I be able to apply texture inside independently of the outside texture ?

Thanks for your replies.

[BLOCKQUOTE class=’ip-ubbcode-quote’][font size=’-1′]quote:[/font][HR]Originally posted by DOM107:
1) By applying a temporary transparent texture to see through the train structure ?

… or ‘render wireframe’ ?

For question 2, I found this :
1) For the interior view to be visible from outside :
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Extract :
‘I made the interior walls by copying and pasting the caboose body and then shrinking it slightly and then inverting it. I then textured the interior.’
‘you need to use a higher value for ‘transparent’ (set to 2) when painting the interior faces to whet you used painting the exterior ones. Its to do with ‘alpha Priority”

2) Passenger view
<!– m –><a class="postlink" href=""> … 9626049974</a><!– m –>

Extract :
‘made a copy of the carriage and stripped out all unneeded objects. Then I started adding more detail to the visible parts, so the passenger view object is highly detailed, but low in object and poly count.’

So I have to build separately the interior view visible from outside ([b:3dbehlaj]with its own walls[/b:3dbehlaj] not those of the outside view) and the passenger view. It could be the same but the either the interior view visible will be to detailed or the actual passenger view will be to little detailed.

Other comments welcomed !

And thanks to Paul Gausden :
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‘make a copy of the exterior and use the invert operation.
Alternatively, use my double side operation, which builds reverse faces on objects.’
(I believe it’s the double side plug-in from MSTS Plug-in Pack)

No need to shrink a little ?

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