Impressions of the new forum

I understand your need for an out of box all in one solution for your site, but I need to say that it is difficult navigating the forums. It boggles my mind how WordPress designed this and thought it to be useful. I cannot easily see what is new, or has been commented on. There are even times where a comment in a different section is of interest to me, and now I don’t get to see these without digging. I hope you can find a way to improve this experience.

I’m not happy with them at the moment either, but I do need an “all in one” solution. But, I’m not done configuring them yet. There are lots of plugins available. Hopefully that will improve things.

Oh, and “recent posts” is at the bottom of the “discussion” menu. That might help a bit.

Have a look at this page: (bottom right)

I think I can integrate this on the forum pages, but I’m going to have to investigate.

I managed to produce this:

I’m just not 100% happy with it yet. The columns don’t line up, for one.

Better still, the “home” page has new links at the bottom.

Interesting. That will work for a bit. I see a problem if there are more than five topics that get updated in a day (if you happen to visit daily).

I wish I could help, but I last worked with WordPress three years ago and too much has changed since then.

I’ll see what I can do. There’s still more to be done. For examle, I’d like to have attachments.

The problem I have seen so far is that there are conflicts between plug-ins and between plug-ins and my theme. I can’t include some features because of this. But, I’m still looking.

Sorry… bad impression from me

They definitely have fewer features, but for me they are more managable. The last time I removed spam from the old forums there were literally 1000s of messages to remove.

Like Vlado, as long-time 3DCrafter user, I am disappointed with the new format of the discussion forum which I find difficult to follow. There was a clear logic to the old forum which made it relatively easy to locate useful information. The apparent lack of a facility to include attachments – for example the material attributes spreadsheet for Railworks which was regularly updated as new information became available – is a serious deficiency, as is the loss of all helpful hints that used screenshots to illustrate the points being made. I hope the option to refer back to the old forum will remain available.


Hi Richard,

Yeah – sorry – my humble opinion – this new site/forum format is a real turn off – and – just makes you want to avoid it… I think it will cost you customers in the long run… I’m sure it’s a great deal of work – but – it needs inprovement…

PS: and the anti-spam checking – on every post – is a real PITA…
: )


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I’m afraid I must agree with some of the other comments. This site is just not user-friendly.

Even though below it says “You may use these HTML tags and attributes:”, some of them do not work!

This should be a link to one of my photobucket images: Picture (This one does work, although an inline image would be better)

This line should be abbr formatting…
This line should be acronym formatting…
This line should be bold…
This line should be italic…
This line should be em…
This line should be strikethrough…
This line should be strong…

This line should be blockquote formatting…

This line should be cite formatting…
This line should be code formatting...

And it may be my eyes but I usually have to refresh the captcha several times until I get one I can read. 🙁

OK, now that I tried most of them, it seems that just the ‘b’ and ‘i’ ones don’t work…

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