Import/Export Plugin example projects missing

The help refers to a "PluginsImportExportSamples" folder, which contains some example VB projects, but it does not seem to be bundled with 3DC9.

Also, is it possible to write the import/export plugin in a C# project?

Thanks. – Paul

It looks as though I neglected to add the samples to the installation. It is part of the &quot;extras&quot; which is available from the help menu. I’ll update the help to indicate that the samples need to be downloaded seperately. I also have to update the &quot;extras&quot; installer also. I’m not sure when I can get to it. If you send me an email at <!– e –><a href=""></a><!– e –>, I can email you some samples.

I am working on support for C#. Unfortunately it’s a bit tricky. I have actually written C# plug-ins for the .NET version of 3DCrafter, but the .NET version of 3DCrafter is on hold for a while. Sorry.

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