Import questions (3DC 6.5 and 7.0)

Yes, 3DC imports and exports the DirectX format the best. I’m hoping to add animation import for DirectX in version 7.0.

Each individual object has a limit of around 32,767 points. That means for example that if you dragged and dropped a sphere, the sphere itself could only contain 32,767 points, but you could have many spheres. It usually isn’t a serious limitation. I hope to remove this limitation in version 7.



With KRS available by the end of 2006, I am asking some questions about import in 3DC.

1) From 3DC 6.5 documentation, I read that it is possible to import a DirectX or a 3DS object.
With DirectX, Geometry, Material, Texture Mapping, Hierarchy are preserved.
With 3DS, Geometry, Material, Texture Mapping are preserved.
This means that it looks better to export as DirectX and that animation will have to be done in 3DC. Is it right ?

Will it be the same with 3DC 7.0 ?

2)’3DC has an effective limit of 32,767 points per object part’
Can someone explain this? I don’t get it.

Thanks for your replies.

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