How do I remove the requirement for Capicom?

I installed 3DC 9.1 on my computer (Windows 7 64 bit) to look at someone else’s model to try and help them resolve an issue. When I was done looking, I uninstalled 9.1 because I do not have a license code for it. After the uninstall, neither my 3DC7.1.2 nor my 3DCrafter 8 will launch saying they need capicom installed. I reinstalled 9.1 and the issue is temporarily resolved, but I do not want to leave 9.1 on my computer if I am not going to use it.

How do I remove the capicom requirement for 3DC 7.1.2 and 3D Crafter 8?

The de-install is not supposed to remove Capicom. I just checked and I can conceive of how it MIGHT happen. I’ve made changes so I am sure that it doesn’t happen anymore.

The solution here is to install 3DCrafter 9.2 Beta 2, and then uninstall it. That will install capicom during the install, and will leave it there during the uninstall.

DANG… This just bit me too !!!


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