Group names going lost during export

Hi paul,

As always – thanks for your help !!!
I’ll give it another go…


Hello, i long time used 3DC 6.5, now i upgradet it to the version Since i use the new Version the names of the Groups in 3DC goes lost during the export. The names of the groups in the .s Files where very useful for changes with the Shape File Manager…
In the Shape File this Names goes to the Matrix lines, now all the matrices are called MAIN <!– s:( –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad" /><!– s:( –>
Is there a way to keep the names also with the new 3DC Version?
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Hello Leo,

in my expirience, while using the trainsimulator wizard, only the topmost group is renamed to main. The subgroups retain their assigned names.


Upgrade to [img:3b4i158h]http&#58;//amabilis&#46;com/forumattachments/a/tpc/f/5496093974/m/15410119341[/img:3b4i158h]
and get [img:3b4i158h]http&#58;//www31&#46;brinkster&#46;com/decapod/[/img:3b4i158h]
Paul Gausden’s plugins
(‘Version 7.1.2+ Installer (28th Nov 2008)’).

This version is working very well and it includes fixes for the the Train Simulator Wizard (I can tell it works well as I’ve been using it since it was released. However I’ve not used the MSTS export).

Hello, thanks for the answers, finally after a lot of serching i founded the way:
In the Properties of an Object it is also possible to set now the name with witch the object is exported to MSTS. This way works, but it means a lot of work to update all the old Projects when i want to change something…



Hi Leo,

I am still on version 6.X to build steam locomotives. I’ve had the very same thing happen. It also seems to totally mess up my rod animations as well. I’m sure it’s just me and I’m probably not identifying the parts correctly. I have found it easier to just use the FILE – EXPORT – available in the main menu. It seems to work better.

Best of luck.


If using the TS Wizard and you have custom rod animations – make sure you press the skip button when it asks you to identify the rods.

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