In general, all objects in a group in 3DC are exported to something called an Instance in the IGS file.
This Instance has a name of the format 1_0100_name where 1 is the LOD level, 0100 is the max distance (in m)

Automatic LODs will create versions of groups with 3 LODs, depending on the size of individual objects in the group, at 100, 400 and 1000 m and will use the 3DC group name as the name by default.
If you are using automatic LOD’s it is best not to put the preceeding ‘1_0100_’ on group names in 3DC – these will be added automatically.

You can also override the exported group name by right clicking on a group or object and examining the properties.
A ‘Rail Sim’ group custom field will appear on the properties page (lower right) – if you put 1_0200_name in here, this will be used instead of the group name.

However – If you use automatic LOD’s here, I will try and strip off the leading ‘1_0200_’ to determing the instance name and put back the automatic values. 1_0100 2_0400 3_1000

There was a bug in this part so there is now a patch on the other thread :

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A couple of quick questions

Are you using the Rail Sim Group custom field to set the name?

What LOD export option are you using?

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